3. Add IceCat Specifications as Attributes or in Descriptions

Using Store Manager for Magento along with the IceCat Integration addon you can gain rich store content without having to break heads make up relevant descriptions and spend endless hours picking up and uploading images.

From the IceCat catalog, you can take lots of information for your products at your Magento product list. Vendors who offer products also provide all the details on the item (product features), which are included in the section Specifications. Sometimes store owners need these specifications to be added as description and also they may need them to be added as Magento attributes.

IceCat Specifications as a part of the description

If you need IceCat specification to be added to product description, open IceCat Integration addon within Store Manager (it should be registered with separate license key beforehand for full functionality) and press “Get store products” in order to start the procedure of IceCat - Magento synchronization.

Further, to continue the process, press “Settings” and in the Tab “General” indicate login and password to get connected to content catalog.

Open “Product Features” tab and tick checkbox “Add product features to the description”.

Continue the process of matching categories and suppliers and check the result

IceCat Specifications as separate Magento Attributes

If you need each feature listed in the tab specifications to be added as a separate product attribute, you have to create each in advance and then synchronize it with IceCat Magento data. Let's review the process in more detail using examples. Let's say, you need to update the product Verbatim PinStripe USB Drive 4GB

with the information from IceCat. In the catalog itself, this product can be viewed here.

To import specifications as attributes, you have to create them first. For that go to the Attributes section of Store Manager and add necessary attributes with exactly the same names as specifications in the catalog. There is no need to indicate additional Magento attribute settings - just specify Attribute Code (please do not use capital letters for Attribute Code) and admin label. Do not forget to assign newly-created attributes to the appropriate attribute set.

Now you can call up the IceCat Integration addon window and set up synchronization. But remember, in this case, you need to uncheck the box “Add product features to the description” that is placed in the “Product Features” tab of settings.

Continue the process of synchronization with IceCat and check the results at your Magento product list.