2.5. ICEcat Products

This page displays all products retrieved from the ICEcat catalog that match category and supplier criteria specified at the "Categories & Suppliers" page.

Please, note that you don't need to retrieve all data, you can simply select categories that your products are related to and retrieve that data. It will speed-up the process greatly.

Every product contains basic product information, such as "Product Code" (a unique product identifier across entire catalog), "EAN/UPC Code" (a 12 or 13 digits product code used for barcode labels), "Category" and "Supplier."

Additionally, ICEcat product has Product Name, Short and Long Description available in many languages and several product images - Thumbnail, Low Quality and High Quality images. Also it may have several Gallery Images.

To retrieve product names and descriptions, select one or more products and click the [Load Description(s)] button or use the context menu.

Note that it will take some time to load detailed product information. This depends on how many products you selected and what is your Internet connection speed.

When you click [Load All Descriptions], it will load descriptions for all products that have no description yet.

To load product images, select one or more products and click [Load Product Images].

To see Detailed Product Information click [Product Details].

When loading is finished, press [Next] and go to the "Synchronize" page.