2.2. Settings

In case you have launched the unregistered addon, you will get the following message.

Confirm or cancel the proposed action.

To use the addon in full, we recommend ordering the separate license at the store's site and register license key in the addon's registration form.

Once registration is successful, choose the "Settings" tab to connect with your ICEcat account and configure important fields for further process:

ICEcat Authorization

Before starting using the addon, you have to make sure you got an account at the icecat.biz page.

Take into account the type of authorization you should choose in the relevant field in the "Settings" tab: "Open ICEcat" or "Full ICEcat."

  • An open type allows registration for free but has some limitations in the amount of detailed information on products (restrictions in characteristics, descriptions, brands amount etc.). Follow this link to get to the free registration form.

  • A full type helps processing products of all 5000+ brands and provides a wide range of product information at all, but it can be used for additional fee. More detailed information about this type you can find there.

Specify the ICEcat usermane and password and select the type of authorization you are currently using before clicking the option for verification:

Search Settings

It is necessary to set the search parameters in the "Search Settings" fields:

  • "Min. word length" - the minimum length of the word - that is the product names with less number of characters will be ignored during searching;

  • "Min. relevancy" - the relevance field - a lower part of minimum relevancy will not be reflected in the summary results retrieved from the ICEcat.

Auto-matching fields

In this area, you should select the fields that will be taken into considaration when matching products automatically.

Note, each checked position from the current sector slows down the process of auto-matching.

If you select the "EAN/UPC Code" checkbox, be sure that fields with the product's EAN codes are filled in correctly.


The "Update" sector contains the fields with two options: "Entire database" and "Daily updates"

In case you are going to use the addon's functions at the first time, select "Entire database". This will retrieve the whole database tables. Then, during the next operations via addon change it to "Daily updates". This will make the process much faster because it will take into account only daily changes.


Those users who are already familiar with the addon's steps, can leave the upper "Enable Wizard mode" check-box unselected. This check-box disables the possibility to go to the previous or next pages, and keeps only main tabs on the upper side.

  • If this check-box is selected, "Advanced Settings" will be disabled:

  • If this check-box is unselected, you will see the tabs with advanced options:

Another check-box available in the "Advanced" pane is "Update vocabulary data." It is responsible for updating the multilingual product. If it is marked with the tick then these items will be updated by ICEcat addon continuously in different languages separately. This process takes some time, so to facilitate the performance of this operations by the addon, you may leave this field unchecked. Then the addon updates the multilingual product details once when this product is created only.

For a successful synchronization of the merchandise inventory, use the similar identifier for items of your store as the corresponding ones on ICEcat.

Please note, if your products form the code from the ICEcat, choose the same positions in the corresponding fields:

Choose an EAN variant in the corresponding field (illustrated below) in case the products have specified the EAN/UPS code at the store:

Consider detailed instruction on successful assigning of the different identifiers during ICEcat operations on the Store Manager for Prestashop example there.

By default, the "Max HTTP threads" field is equal to 5. This is an optimal value and means the 5 product descriptions and images can be uploaded simultaneously. You can set your own value, if necessary.

Determine also the images location, which will be transferred from the ICEcat, in the field below:

Browse the drive system to find the necessary destination with the option showed above.

Once you pressed the [Clear All Mapping] button at the bottom of the "Settings" page, all links between products at the store and the positions on ICEcat will be cleared.

You can now move to the next step of the ICEcat synchronization.