2.6. Synchronize Data

On this page you can find ICEcat products corresponding to products at your store.

Click 'Find Matching Products' button to start searching. It will try to find most appropriate products in ICEcat catalog using product SKU number and name.

find Matching Product

Upper area displays your products. If you select a product you will see ICEcat products corresponding to the selected product in the area below.

There can be several products matching criteria partially. The higher Relevancy the more adequate product is.

You can link (assign) ICEcat products to your products manually or use controls above to link them automatically.

Matcjhing buttons

Select some product above and double-click on a product below to create a link.

Select desired relevancy level and click 'Custom Relevancy' button above to set or remove links for multiple products at once.

If you do not see acceptable product in the list below you can try to find ICEcat product manually - click 'Find and Link ICEcat Product' button on the toolbar.

When you finish linking products you have to select what product information you want to update. You can update Product Name, Short Description, Long Description,

Manufacturer, Thumbnail Image, Low Res Image and High Res Image.

Link fields to update

Each of those items has appropriate column in the upper grid. Check those items you want to update. Unchecked items will not be updated even if there's ICEcat product linked.

Do not forget to check the Languages you want to update.

Update languages