2.7. Templates

Some products have features, that is additional product parameters e.g. product Laptop has such features as "Display", "Processor Model", "Graphics Adapter" and others.

Every product feature consists of Feature Name and Feature Value and all features are organized into feature groups. The list of groups and features looks like a table that can be added to a product description and may be useful for customers allowing them to get more information about product they want to purchase.

This page contains three sections, each of them corresponds to features table part look and design.

"Table template" contains table definition and layout:

"Product feature group template" contains feature group colour, size and font information:

"Product feature name and value templates" defines design of name-value row:

Every template contains one or more strings enclosed in a square brackets and percent signs. This is where actual information (group or feature name, feature value etc.) will be placed.

Don't remove these strings.